"What are the Benefits of using a great Antioxidant" 
Welcome to the Antioxidants Health Benefits website. I hope this information is helpful to you in deciding how to live a healthier lifestyle by incorporating antioxidants in your diet on a daily basis. Research shows that the benefits of Antioxidants include:
Stronger Immune System, which builds resistance to flues, viruses and infections, reduces incidence of all cancers, prevention of glaucoma and macular degeneration, reduces risk of cholesterol-oxidation and heart disease and protects cells from aging and oxidative damage.

Sauvignon grape seed huskAlthough breathing oxygen is essential to life, oxygen can also be your worst enemy.  It starts a process in your body called oxidation, which is the formation of free radicals.  The oxidation of copper which turns an “aged” green is a good example. Something similar happens when your body is exposed to air, light and poor nutrition. 

Air pollution, heavy exercise, stress, exposure to chemicals, radiation, fatty foods and normal metabolic processes all promote the formation of free radicals.  Free radical oxidation damage is as harmful and destructive to your body and brain as corrosion is to your car.  Just think of antioxidants as human “RustOleum”.

An antioxidant is a biochemical that can neutralize harmful molecules in our bodies known as free radicals. Free radicals are produced during normal metabolism and cell function, as well as through pollutants in our air, water and food, and have the ability to oxidize and damage our body’s cells.

It is for this reason that scientists believe that 5 to 8 servings per day of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables can benefit your health, but consuming this much on a daily basis can be a challenge at our modern pace of life.

The best antioxidants heatlh benefits are found in MOXXOR which comes from New Zealand’s award winning Sauvignon Blanc grapes, from the South Island of New Zealand. The unique atmospheric conditions cause the seed to have greater levels of the super antioxidant OPC (oligomeric procyanidin compounds) than any known fruit or berry, and are free from genetically modified material, heavy metals, arsenic, toxins, and pesticides which is key.

A standard know as ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) is often used to compare the relative strengths of antioxidants. The acai berry has received considerable attention as a naturally potent antioxidant in recent years, yet as you will see below, it rates significantly lower on the ORAC scale than the MOXXOR grape seed extract. MOXXOR also takes the concentrate of vitamin E extracted from the New Zealand kiwifruit seed.

"Here are some comparisons of Moxxor's grape seed extract Orac value to that of some other antioxidants. This will show you how Moxxor is very powerful in terms of antioxidants health benefits."

MOXXOR GRAPE SEED EXTRACT has an orac that is:

  • 3 times more effective than Acai Berry
  • 3.8 times more effective than Mangosteen
  • 47 times more effective than Goju Berry
  • 114 times more effective than Pomegranite
MOXXOR Grape Seed Extract 12,000 units/g
Acai Berry 3,800 units/g
Mangosteen 3,120 units/g
Goji Berry 253 units/g
Pomegranate 105 units/g







Antioxidants in Moxxor

powerful antioxidant

Looking to provide a complete world-class wellness product, MOXXOR has added two powerful superfoods. It takes the exceptionally potent Sauvignon Blanc grapeseed husk and refines it to capture the world’s preeminent antioxidant along with the powerful immune-supporting properties of the New Zealand Kiwifruit seed that is teeming with all 8 members of the vitamin E family. 

Researchers have shown that antioxidants effectively combat free-radicals and aging. The antioxidants health benefits found in MOXXOR are free from genetically modified material, heavy metals, arsenic, toxins, and pesticides.  As you can see from the values above this is truly a remarkable product. Click on the Moxxor bottle to BUY NOW!

Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seed

Sauvignon Blanc grape seed extract from New Zealand are among the most powerful antioxidants because of the mineral rich volcanic soil and thin ozone layer over the south Island of New Zealand. These unique conditions allow for exceptionally high levels of the super antioxidant OPC. Antioxidants assist our immune system to protect against free radicals.

Free radicals come from pollution, poor diet, age, exercise, stress and aging. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, which damages the cells in your body. This can cause normal cells mutate.

The antioxidants of this product are truly one of the best for the human body. Grapeseed extract minimizes the oxidative stress by decreasing the oxidants and increasing the antioxidant levels in plasma. Grape seed extract is beneficial for our cardiovascular health, mental alertness and vision problems. Grapeseed extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and acts as a natural preservative in MOXXOR.

kiwi fruit seed extractNew Zealand’s Kiwifruit Seed Oil

New Zealand’s kiwifruit seed oil is teeming with all 8 members of the vitamin E family (mixed tocopherols and tocotreinols: alpha, beta, delta & gama). The vitamin E found in kiwifruit seed oil is a full-spectrum antioxidant, which fights free radicals and recycles other antioxidants.

Once they have become inactive, particularly in the fatty cell membranes, which is where the omega-3 phospholipids reside. It is a significant source of magnesium, folate, lutien, zeaxanthin and A-sitosterols.

It is high in essential Omega-3 fatty acids, containing over 60% (ALA) alpha linolenic acid. This high concentration of ALA supports liver function and helps maintain moisture in the skin and hair and prevents drying and scaling. 

Kiwifruit seed oil naturally prevents rancidity and increases the shelf life of GLM oil. Kiwifruit seed oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and immunity builder. Another wonderful component of Moxxor that has incredible antioxidants health benefits.

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